Nailhead Trim Trend: How To Update Your Living Room With This Trend

One of the trends that are beginning to take off right now in living room decor is the nailhead trim trend. Nailhead adds shine, design, and texture to items that are normally placed in the living room. This gives them a bit of an edge that is a mix of modern and funky. While you can purchase large pieces of furniture for your living room, such as couches and love seats, that have this trend incorporated into them, you may not be in the market for such a large piece of furniture. Here are a few of the ways to bring this trend into your living room through smaller accent pieces:


One of the ways that you can incorporate the nailhead trend into your living room is with the use of an ottoman. An ottoman gives you a place to rest your feet and some even double as storage space. Ottomans do not have to match your sofa, love seat or recliner, making it the perfect way to incorporate fun colors, patterns or trends, such as the nailhead trend. If you are looking to the nailhead on your ottoman pop, opt for a dark colored one that features a rich fabric with a thick texture, such as velvet, leather, suede, or corduroy.

Accent Chair

If you are not in the market for a large piece of furniture but want to bring in the nailhead trend with a statement piece, an accent chair may be the way to go. An accent chair can often be placed in the corner of a living room and helps to make a large statement. Traditionally, accent chairs have brought in pops of colors, but this season, accent chairs can help to bring in texture. Velvet chairs in rich jewel tones topped off with nailhead trim is on-trend and can add warmth to your room. 

Throw Pillows

If money is tight and buying new furniture is just not in the budget, you can still inexpensively incorporate the nailhead trend into your living room. Select large throw pillows for your couch, love seat, accent chair or recliner that have nailhead trim on them. Pair them with a smaller metallic pillow that accents the color of the trim, and you can instantly add a modern twist to your current living room space. 

The nailhead furniture trend has been seen in headboards and dressers in the bedroom for the past couple of years. However, it is currently trending in living room furniture and is expected to carry over into next year. If you are looking for a large piece of furniture, you can incorporate this trend into your space when buying a new couch or love seat. But if you are not, you can buy smaller pieces for your room that incorporate this trend, giving your room a modern and contemporary look. 

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