Tips For Decorating Your Bedroom With Mission Style

Mission décor is a homey style of decorating. It dates back to the 19th century when the American Arts and Crafts Movement took place. Wood is a common material. Indeed, mission style furniture is designed with flat areas to show off the beautiful graining of the wood. Using the mission style in your bedroom is a stylish way to add coziness to the space.

Choose the Right Wood

Since one of the hallmarks of the mission style is wood graining, it's important to choose the right wood. According to Décor Medley, oak is the original wood for the style, but cherry wood is a modern update. Both offer warm coloration and beautiful graining. As the name suggests, cherry wood features more reddish undertones. It can also be a little darker. If your bedroom is small, or you want to promote a bright ambiance, choose oak instead.

Buy Mission Furniture

Being made of wood doesn't make furniture items mission style. This style is characterized by simple lines and flat panels. You can choose attractive bed frames, dressers, and chests of drawers and accent the room with single chests, mirrors, night stands, and shelving in the mission style.

Adhere to a Natural Color Palette

Since the mission style is homey, natural colors are more common. These include earth tones such as pine green, muted orange and red, sky blue, and goldenrod. Gray or taupe is an attractive foundational color. That said, let the coloration of your furniture help drive the palette. Choose colors that both match and complement the wood.

Keep Fabrics Homey

Much of your palette will probably come from the fabrics you choose. Homey, nature-inspired fabrics are ideal for this style. Look for patterns that feature natural patterns of flowers, vines, leaves, or birds. However, don't choose elaborate patterns — rather, they should repeat. Checks, stripes, and geometric patterns also complement this style. Likewise, choose natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, over fancy or synthetic fabrics.

Add Stained Glass

The one area where the mission style gets elaborate is in the stained glass. Indeed, stained glass is as much a hallmark of mission décor as wooden furniture. Naturally, you can have one of your clear windows panes replaced with stained glass. However, you can also choose window hangings or lampshades in stained glass. For the pattern, consider abstract pieces over pictorial. You still want to adhere to the simple lines of the mission style.

Create a cozy but attractive ambiance in your bedroom with mission furniture such as Stickley furniture.

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