Tips To Protect Your New Leather Couch From Common Damages

A leather couch can be a classy and comfortable piece of furniture to add to your home. While these couches can be remarkably comfortable and beautiful, they will require some care to keep them looking showroom ready. By employing several basic steps, you may find that your new leather couch from a vendor like Kettle River will be better protected against some sources of damage that could quickly compromise the appearance and comfort of your new high-quality couch.

Arrange For Professional Delivery

A couch can be a rather large piece of equipment to need to move. In addition to requiring a large truck to move, these pieces of furniture will also be extremely heavy. This can make it easy to inadvertently ruin the couch by dropping it or otherwise damaging it during transit. While most furniture suppliers will offer their clients delivery options, it is common for some people to refuse these services as a result of the delivery fees involved. Yet, these fees will be much less than the cost of replacing a destroyed couch, and they will likely be worth paying to avoid permanently ruining the appearance of the couch by scratching it.

Keep Pets Off The Couch

Your pets will likely be extremely interested in your new leather couch. Unfortunately, this can lead to their claws leaving deep scratches or even tears in the leather. Once these damages have occurred, it may be impossible to restore the couch's original appearance. Training your pet to stay off the couch will be the best option for avoiding this type of damage. However, some pets may simply refuse this type of training or you may enjoy relaxing with your pet beside you. For these individuals, there are protective covers that can be placed on the couch that will stop the pet's claws from being able to damage the leather.

Avoid Placing The Couch Near Heating Or Cooling Vents

Placing your couch by an air conditioning vent or radiator may be a good way to keep the air around the couch some of the warmest or coolest air in the room. Yet, it can contribute to the leather experiencing significant degradation. The damage to the leather will be both directly due to the drastic temperature changes and the lower humidity that will often be found around vents and radiators. This will be in the form of the leather becoming extremely brittle, discolored, or warped. Ideally, the couch should be placed in an area that will experience fairly stable temperatures and humidity levels.

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