Thinking About Purchasing Amish Handcrafted Bedroom Furniture? 3 Factors To Consider

The Amish make beautiful, quality pieces of furniture that are hand-crafted and made from solid wood. The furniture is typically heirloom quality, meaning it is built to last. If you are looking to purchase Amish handcrafted bedroom furniture, you may be looking to purchase from different stores or websites that carry this furniture. Here are a few of the factors you want to consider when you are looking to purchase this type of furniture. 

Amish-made vs. Amish-inspired Pieces

The first thing that you need to carefully look at when you are looking at furniture to purchase is whether you are looking at Amish-made pieces or Amish-inspired pieces. Pieces that are Amish made have been handmade by the Amish. Those that are inspired by Amish pieces take designs that are common in Amish furniture and integrate them into the design of these pieces. However, these pieces are typically made in a factory and are not made by the Amish. 

Furniture Style

Another important element to think about when you are considering Amish furniture is that most Amish furniture has a distinct style to it. Many styles of this type of furniture would be classified as Shaker, Mission or Early American styles, which have a very classic look to them. But if you are going for furniture that is modern or contemporary, these styles may not work for you. While some Amish furniture makers do venture out and switch up the style and design of their furniture, many stick to these classic styles.

Length of Time for Items to be Made

Since Amish-made pieces are handcrafted, you can often customize the piece you are looking for. You can change up the height and width, ask for certain types of wood, and even integrate certain design elements into the piece. But at the same time, you need to be aware that since the pieces are handmade, it can take some time for them to be completed and delivered to you. If you are looking to purchase any Amish handcrafted furniture, ask what the timeline is for completion and delivery. It may vary from a few days to a few months, depending on the workload. 

Many Amish sell their handcrafted pieces of furniture, including bedroom furniture, to furniture stores and website owners, who in turn sell it to consumers. This helps the Amish make money to support their family, while still following their own belief system. If you are in the market for real wood heirloom bedroom furniture, buying Amish handcrafted furniture may be something worth considering.

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