Four Ways To Keep Your Upholstered Furniture Looking Like New

If you just bought a piece of upholstered furniture, you are probably pleased with how new and fresh it looks. Wouldn't it be great if it could look that new and fresh forever? With the right care, it can retain that same appealing look for many years. Just follow these four maintenance tips for ongoing beauty:

Spray it with a fabric protector.

When you purchased your upholstered furniture, the salesperson may have given you the option of having it sprayed with a fabric protector. If you took this option, then this one is already covered. If you did not take this option, then head to the home improvement store and look for a good quality fabric protector that is guaranteed not to make colors bleed. Spray it evenly over your entire piece of furniture. The protector won't keep spills from soaking into the upholstery, but it will cause them to linger on the surface for a lot longer so that if you do spill, you have time to blot it up before it causes a permanent stain.

Rotate the cushions.

If your upholstered furniture has cushions, make sure you rotate them every month or so. This way, no single side experienced excessive wear and tear. Each time you rotate the cushions, you can vacuum them -- and the rest of the furniture. Use the wand attachment to your vacuum, and go back and forth in short sweeping motions to extract the most dirt.

Keep spot cleaner on hand.

If something does spill and soak through the fabric protector, the faster you clean it up, the better. Keep a bottle of spot cleaner on hand, so you don't have to go to the store each time something spills. Usually, you use spot cleaner by first soaking up the spilled material, applying the cleaner, letting it sit, and then blotting up the cleaner. You may need to repeat the process two or three times for complete stain removal.

Have it professionally cleaned.

Every one to two years, have professional upholstery services come clean your upholstered furniture. They have specialized extraction equipment that will allow them to remove dirt and moisture from deep within the furniture. At-home upholstery shampooing systems work well enough to use on occasion and can be a good option if you're on a tight budget, but they're not quite as effective as professional shampooing because they don't provide as much suction.

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