Myths About Caring For Wood Furniture

Opting to invest in solid wood furniture can be a great option for providing your home or business with comfortable and aesthetically pleasing furniture. While this type of furniture can be highly desirable, there are many people that will simply have incorrect information when it concerns this type of furniture.

Myth: You Will Have To Refinish The Wood Very Frequently

Providing care for your furniture will be needed to keep it from experiencing wear and tear that could force you to prematurely replace these items. The finish on wood furniture can be important for both maintaining the appearance of the furniture while also helping to protect it from being damaged. Unfortunately, it is commonly assumed by some individuals that they will have to frequently replace the finish on their wood furniture. While this is a task that may need to be done at some point, it is typically only necessary to consider refinishing wood furniture once every few years or after it has sustained extensive cosmetic damage.

Myth: You Will Simply Need To Prevent The Wood Furniture From Getting Wet

Moisture can be one of the more obvious sources of damage for wood furniture. However, this is not the only way that wood furniture can be damaged. Exposure to intense sunlight can be very damaging to unprotected wood due to the sunlight and heat drying out the moisturizing oils. Avoiding this type of wear and tear on the furniture will require you to position these items so that they avoid being in the sun for long periods of time or painting them with a coat of paint that can block the sun's ultraviolet light. Additionally, dry air coming from your air conditioning and heating vents can also be very drying to these items, and you may want to position these pieces of furniture so that they avoid this exposure.

Myth: Repairing Chips And Scratches Will Be Extremely Difficult

Eventually, you may accidentally damage your furniture by either scratching or chipping it. When this occurs, you might assume that the entire piece of furniture will need to be refinished to correct the cosmetic damages. Luckily, this is not the only way of repairing this type of damage as you can also use a wood repair kit to patch these sections of it. When using these kits, you will place a thin coating of a clear resin over the damaged section of the wood. This can help to fill in the indentations caused by these damages while sealing the compromised area to prevent further damage from occurring.

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